Stage One Complete

Frank Maddish
6 min readJun 26, 2020
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Stage one of the total decimation of the human race is now complete. The behavioural adjustment scenario you have just witnessed was designed by a syndicate of think tanks and psychological warfare institutes, funded by the G20 and delivered by millions of faithful servants to the state. Many of whom are well aware of the truth behind the story and live for the promise of being spared from the ultimate fate of the population at large.

When the economy is going well, and the masses are beginning to turn away from mainstream politics, and propaganda falls on deaf ears and more and more opinion rails against the establishment — engage lockdown.

Lockdown is a prison term, for when inmates have become violent, and the guards have lost control of the situation. It’s the same for society at large. When we no longer believe our tyrannical subjugators and begin to vote with our feet, signing petitions and marching for greater freedom, the lockdown scenario must be engaged.

It’s not the only reason, there are a thousand others, and that’s because all empires are built upon lies and deception. You can’t have this many people on the planet, (who honestly knows how many there really are) and expect a fraction of their number to keep them under control. The shepherds of society, those invested with authority, so far recognised by the public at large, are becoming nervous. Their age-old systems of domination and fear are beginning to ebb away against a tide of anger and frustration.

Usually, in generations passed, a war of some sort would be declared. As most countries hadn’t really built up their military power, it was often seen as a rather one-sided affair. But for all the talk of world wars in the past, should one be triggered now it would indeed be global, and most likely civil. For it’s the unarmed masses that are the enemy, they always have been, and to reduce the risk of total destruction, they’ve lost all rights to self-protection. But now they’re turning against their protectors, who themselves have been trained to intimidate the general population, whilst ignoring the no-go areas of all major cities, under governmental instruction.

In the meantime, during our enforced imprisonment, we’ve been encouraged to praise the actions of those on the frontline, no matter how many have died, or how poorly the country has dealt with the infection rate. Because this is a psychological operation, a topsy-turvy world where right is wrong and wrong is right. Where those who have truly suffered are placed to the side of the argument, whilst well-funded counter insurgents protest age-old problems of empiricism and race-relations.

That again is just another distraction, much like the mild flu that has destroyed the global economy for a whole generation. One more for the pot is the climate, which has been a tester for future, how much can we get done by sticking to one spot, and only allowing vital services and state functionaries free movement. It’s been discussed time and time again, a mass cull of the population, forced sterilisation, tyrant after tyrant proposing the same solutions. That’s where we’ve reached, for all the corporate glamour and shiny colours of the internet, the creatures who puppeteer the people haven’t changed.

Those who know your history will remember that most communist countries have conducted similar practices in the past. Only offering driving licenses to those most faithful to the cause, and even fewer given the opportunity to possess their own vehicle. As opposed to public transport for the masses, traditionally underfunded and poorly maintained, confounding and accentuating the suffering of the plebiscite. Cheap but not cheerful for all lives are the same under the eyes of the state, negligible, erroneous, nesting within a slight margin of error, but intrinsically nothing of value asides their total numbers.

So, what comes next, you might ask? Well the first test was passed with flying colours, a sizeable minority of people on this planet are terrified of authority, and will do anything that is required, for they fear for their lives above all else. Some are even prepared to sacrifice their own loved ones.

Many have noticed that without the array of virtual friendships in the modern lives, one-night stands and fly-by-night companions, they are indeed all alone in the world. They recognise the way things are, for the artificial community of the integrated society are the only people they can turn to now. The state is their mother and father, and they are their own lover, and all others in this world are a mere click away from being strangers.

These people who are barely alive, are the enemy of all that is humane in the world. They wish to see the rest of us die, so they can have a little more elbow room. They want us to do as they do, and live in small boxes, and curtail our freedom of movement, and become like them, the bottom feeders of Silicon Valley.

They want us to cease all physical contact, and emotional expression, to stop us being who we are, for it is an offence to their unnatural nature. They are damaged goods, prime slaves in the making, educated to hate their parents and themselves, and everything that has come before them. They don’t know what they like, but they do know what they despise, and if anything doesn’t make sense or match their prerequisite thinking, they will attack.

The hive is ready for stage two, total global economic collapse. First cash and then even the concept of currency will be eradicated. It will be replaced by tokens, awarded to those most loyal to the new commandments set out by global governmental bodies on behalf of the dispossessed and disenchanted. Those who no longer make an effort will receive the most significant rewards, their shoebox apartment will be two foot wider, and they’ll be allowed access once a year to state-approved resorts. They will live the high life in the cultural Marxist dream, helping to build new cardboard houses on their victims’ graves.

The second stage is upon us, wait for the power to go out, then days of little communication, armed police on the streets, sirens and loudhailers. People will be too scared to speak up, and as before they will remain prisoners in their own homes. Except state two will accelerate far faster than stage one, within a week or two whole cities will be up and running, whilst those living out in the sticks may never see normality return again. It’s the economy stupid, the numbers have been fudged, and all those billionaires out there have such big egos, they no longer see the point of lying. They want to come clean. Their serfs are born as debt slaves, their birth certificates are part of an ancient maritime law of the straw man, ensuring that we all pay our taxes to an illegitimate state.

We have no rulers, and there is no money. This ludicrous show of power merely accentuates the hatred and fear that our subjugators feel as we grow in number. They wish to segregate us and turn us against each other, under any banner, cultural idiom, political motivation, gender, race or colour. Put aside all that for one second and see the bigger picture, it’s those with the power of influence who are your true enemies, they who wish to wield their vision of the future on the masses, the despots, the tyrants, the new emperors of a brave new world.

Watch the skies, watch the clock, watch your back, the time is upon us.

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