The Age of the Bad Actor

Frank Maddish
4 min readJul 17, 2020
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Bad actors might be the bane of Hollywood, although not so much now, not with so many derivative and dumbed down scripts aimed at the lowest common denominator. However, when it comes to the business of subverting culture, they are part of a vital arsenal of psychological warfare.

When I was a kid lying was frowned upon, it was seen as something damaging, both personally and collectively. However, these days the spectrum of lies is so wide, truth depends more on opinion and popularity, than fact.

These days you can even make a career out of lying, especially in politics and news, no matter the script, a convincing performance beats facts every time. It’s a funny old world we live in, where each and every day life becomes a little more Machiavellian. Society is so damaged now, it doesn’t really care anymore. People would rather hear comforting lies from an attractive mouthpiece, than the ugly truth from an unfashionable stereotype.

We airbrush so much out of life there’s hardly anything left. Modern life is humourless with little sense of irony. So many global village idiots sat on their high horses, desperate to avoid the uncomfortable truth, preferring to hide behind acceptable conformity. Few dare risk speaking out on anything as an individual, although plenty are willing to jump on a bandwagon, if it’s heading to a popular destination.

Which is why celebrities are so useful, names and faces constantly hyped by the media as the friends you never had. Flesh puppets of the deep state paid to air their autocue opinions. They could say anything, anything at all, and a sizeable chunk of their sycophantic following will lap up their lies.

That’s something else that worries me, and I know many will pass this off as mere semantics, but there’s a big difference between a ‘fan’ and a ‘follower’, and any deep state operative worth their salt, knows exactly what I’m talking about.

In the past most of us followed very little, except perhaps for a favourite sports team, or the latest news and weather. But the idea of following a human being, asides from your usual stalkers, was once associated with the disciples of a living religious icon.

You might be a subject of the monarchy, like me, and resent the very idea, but there’s nothing we can do about it, except perhaps declare a revolution. Followers, on the other hand, have a choice, and needn’t obsess about every little minutiae of the rich and famous. What celebrities eat, where they shop, who they love, a sanitised and professionally presented mirror of their life.

To me, being a follower sounds like a member of a religious cult. So many of them indoctrinated by friends and family to worship at the altar of whoever happens to be in fashion at the time. Just because a few other million people decided to do the same thing, doesn’t make it a good idea. As far as I’m concerned, the farming of public obsession equates to culture creep, a systematic decimation of individual identity for the sake of influence and profit.

Bad actors are plants, not the sort you find at the garden centre, but highly paid stooges placed in positions of power, to spy on enemies and wherever possible, carry out sabotage. Although nowadays I seem to find them everywhere, trolls in the comment sections of so many different sites, those counter-intuitive characters determined to create friction. Most likely paid by the line to cause a ruckus and undermine the seditious talk of unsuspecting non-entities.

The drip-feed effect of deep state propaganda has increased by the year, until now it’s almost a torrent. A flood of fake contention, artificial argument, extreme political dissension meant to draw the gullible into a psychological honey trap. A ghetto, an echo chamber, a sluice gate for the undesirable and contentious, and the only way back is to repent, and become a follower of the favoured gods of cultural Marxism.

It’s creepy isn’t it? The internet has hardly dragged itself out of the Cold War, and what originally appeared to be an untamed creature of philosophical freedom, turns out to be a domesticated cow on its way to slaughter. That’s why, however long we have left before the modern world is cancelled and replaced by a cartoon screensaver for cowards and fanatics, I’d recommend you only follow your dreams, and anything else you might have at hand. Your mind, your heart, your individual goals, no matter how much supposed common sense gets in the way.

Let’s hope we at least have one more year, because I can tell you now, once every one of us has been dragged over the proverbial hot coals and tortured into submission, all that will be left of the human race will be billions of bad actors.

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