The Top-Down Effect

If you’re wondering what the hell’s going on in the world, just remember that it’s all happened before, and it will happen again. There is an insidious virus infecting the human race, it reduces the capacity of upper brain functions, ensuring that its host relies on the reptilian stump instead. That’s the lower brain, the fleshy mound situated at the top of the spinal column. It’s the reason why you might read fascinating medical stories about people living with half a brain or less. Don’t let the scientists kid you, when it comes to much of the brain, they haven’t a clue how it works. They deal in generalities, not specifics, because when you study the biological apparatus of the mind, the mechanism that allows you to think, it’s almost impossible to remain impartial.

Most people these days have little time or even understanding of historical events. The internet has ensured that the majority of the global population knows as little as possible about the past. Political correctness has replaced a full-rounded education because anything that doesn’t bend to the whims of the present cultural climate must be erased.

Yet, there are clues to what’s happening right now far back in the past, and it reaches all the way to the top. Have you ever wondered why ancient kings, queens, emperors and pharaohs had such a penchant for masks? It’s simple, they weren’t merely designed to intimidate their underlings, but to disguise the creatures that once ruled this world openly. Since then there has been a lot of interbreeding, careful selection of favoured bloodlines has meant some of those who rule over us, the families who have owned much of the planet’s wealth since time immemorial, seem almost human in appearance.

But they’re not, they’re something entirely different, inside their minds they believe that we, the masses, are an inferior species. They have no concerns about gender, colour, creed, or religion; to them, we are all animals rolling around in the dirt. What they do is break our will, for the human race has been domesticated and serves the ruling classes and their allies and convince us that this is how we’re supposed to behave.

I read today about the concept of usury, whereby one earns interest by lending capital. For generations, most religions banned the practice; it was seen as evil, taking advantage of others and their poor judgement. Now we all live in debt, the whole world is on borrowed time, and one day we’ll all have to pay for the privilege of being alive.

That day maybe soon, it could be right now, for so many of us are losing the battle for humanity, we have become hollow inside. Our subjugators sold us generations before we were born, and one by one, we default on our debt and give up our only collateral, which is ourselves. Our brains host our consciousness. It is intrinsically transmitted from somewhere else that science has yet to understand. If that signal were to be interrupted, anybody can step in and take the reins. Direct a life that is not their own and do with it as they will.

The process began as a mere trickle, carefully selecting powerful figures, the influential people who could pave the way. First kings and queens, industrialists and politicians, then more recently those from the world of entertainment, movie stars and singers, and now the rest of us are destined for the chopping block, it’s the top-down effect, and there’s no way out. We haven’t got long now if you wish to express how you truly feel, hurry up and do it, for soon you won’t even be you, no matter if anyone can prove it.

It’s been a running trope in Hollywood for years, body snatchers and zombies, the Manchurian Candidate, doppelgängers, clones, alien parasites, and so on and so on. They’ve been normalising such ideas for decades. It’s what they’re paid for, and it’s how they like to program us, so we don’t panic when the day arrives. The time and place might remain elusive, but we all know deep down that none of this can last and none of will survive. Not as we are, not the last few of us who can remember what it meant to be an individual being, instead of a worker bee or drone in hive mind nest of flesh machines.

You could dive headlong into politics or religion, that might distract long enough to ignore what’s happening all around you. You could blame the older generation, or the younger, or the rich or the poor, the culturally progressive or regressive, but they’re all here to throw you off the scent. The truth is you’ll never meet your enemy, they surround themselves with cannon fodder and meat shield, gormless and gullible, yet greedy and ambitious souls prepared to betray the human race for a handful of gold.

Watch out because your friends and family may now be hosts to something far less friendly. It begins as an idea, publicly discussed with good intentions, but eventually whatever is invading the minds of the human race, will make us turn against each other, and then ourselves, until there is nothing left. Nothing will remain but the most devout slaves and their inhumane masters. Those creatures that force us to pay tokens, for the ride of our lives, reducing this fantastical world of ours into nothing but a theme park.

If you submit now, you’ll be forever lost. Not just in this lifetime but in the next, and all those that come after. Your only choice will be to sell your soul and buy into their false dream of heaven on earth that nobody wants until the human spirit has been extinguished by the lies that so many have mistaken for love.

Goodbye cruel world, I wish you well; these will be my last words when the time comes. I hold no bitterness for any creature that possesses a soul, but I reserve the right to despise the soulless. The sycophants of the psychic realm, the parasites of human nature, the artifice of the mechanical gods that have stolen life and skinned it clean, so they can wear it like a suit, and pretend that they are human beings.

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Frank Maddish

Frank Maddish

A homespun philosopher looking for meaning in a meaningless world.